Mobile Field Merchandising &

Data Collection Software

Cognistix – The cloud-based retail execution & workforce management platform designed for MSO's & businesses managing retail merchandising, audits and field marketing activities.

Do you have the right retail execution tool?

It’s the one that cuts actual costs – automated implementation & customization, device & data collection, training & oversight, and the painful cost of inefficiency.

With Cognistix’s Intelligent Field Merchandising & Retail Data Collection Solutions, easily manage all aspects of your specific retail merchandising life-cycle, including:

  • Staff Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Execution
  • Field Data Collection
  • Reporting
  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Expenses
Cognistix is the mobile retail merchandising software designed to meet the fundamental planning & data collection challenges faced by field forces large and small,  With over 40,000 total users and 20,000 field reps in a single implementation, Cognistix has proven the scalability of its enterprise-class architecture, yet remains simple, conformable and affordable for small and mid-sized companies.

Combining all aspects of field management into one system, and providing for the efficient management of an organization’s field representatives and their projects, this comprehensive solution encompasses the entire retail merchandising life-cycle from project initiation and scheduling, to reporting and payroll.

Field Management

Matrix Team Structure
Flexible Compensation Management
Diverse Scheduling Options
Robust Survey Data Collection
Information Distribution
Comprehensive Reporting

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Software-as-a-Service or On-premise
User Licensing or Transactional Models
Web, Android, iOS, & Windows Phone
Highly Configurable
Granular Security Settings
Extensive Integration Experience

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Compliance & Control

Timekeeping Policy Enforcement
Strong & Flexible Payroll Controls
Travel Cost Control
Fraud Prevention
Extensive Audit Trail
Granular Security Settings

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Do you find yourself saying…

In order to remain competitive, we need to run a higher ratio of field reps to managers.
It takes too long to get short lead time projects scheduled. If only we could offer work to our field reps on a first-come, first-serve basis instead having to centrally manage all our scheduling.
We could save a fortune on mileage if reimbursement was based on a calculation of the driving distance, rather than taking the rep’s word for it.
Meal break compliance is a big issue for us. It would be great the system reminded our employees that they’re required to take meal breaks.
With all the class action lawsuits I keep hearing about, I’d sleep better at night if our system had an extensive audit trail so we could show who made changes to system data, what the changes were, and why.
Per call report pricing would allow our costs to scale directly with our income.
Letting our field reps use their own smart phones would eliminate a ton of headaches.
With the constant turn-over, training costs are killing us. We need a calendar user interface that’s easy for our reps to understand without much training.
A hosted model may be ideal for smaller firms, but the ability to install a field management system in our data center and integrate it with our other systems is really important to us.