Field Management

Matrix Team Structure

Matrix Team Structure

It’s rare for a single organizational hierarchy to work well for diverse lines of business.

Different types of work require different levels of store coverage depending on per-store workload, visit frequency and required level of management oversight. Field reps and managers may work for multiple programs, report to different management teams and adhere to different policies and procedures.

To address this, Cognistix supports a team-based approach to territory management. The system allows you to define separate teams for different lines of business; each with its own organizational hierarchy, the lowest level being the district. Cognistix districts consist of one or more stores, one or more field reps and a manager. Both stores and employees can belong to more than one district allowing for their participation in multiple teams, but each employee has a single manager for HR purposes.


Diverse Scheduling Options

The Cognistix rep-self-service model allows you to quickly staff even the largest job with minimal management effort.

Managers can designate a field rep, or let the system offer the work based on proximity and skills. The date and time can be assigned, or the rep can be given flexibility to choose a date and time within parameters you set – including days of week, hours of operation, and date ranges.

With these options, you can manage every detail, delegate control to the field, or anything in between. Cognistix also provides a rich assortment of tools for bulk loading, copying, and managing schedules.

Activities such as resets, fixture installations, and event marketing often require multiple reps and can span multiple days for each store. Cognistix can easily handle this situation by combining all labor on a single call report with a single set of Q&A and photos. Gain valuable insight into the true cost of your projects, including go-backs and re-work.

Flexible Compensation Management

Flexible Compensation Management

Cognistix gives unprecedented control over field rep compensation.

In-store time, travel time and admin time can all be controlled on a per job basis. Choose from employee-specific hourly rates, set a job-specific hourly rate, or set a project pay amount. For special circumstances individual assignments can be overridden.

All of the compensation management options are strictly controlled by permissions, and all pay decisions are recorded in our comprehensive audit trail.

Cognistix also allows control over who receives travel compensation and enforces commute policies with current mileage rates. Using actual road routes, mileage is computed automatically, and a travel time estimate is provided for comparison to the rep’s reported travel time.

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