Human Resources

Strong and Flexible Payroll Controls

Cognistix gives unprecedented control over field rep compensation.

In-store time, travel time and admin time can all be controlled on a per job basis. Choose from employee-specific hourly rates, set a job-specific hourly rate, or set a project pay amount. For special circumstances individual assignments can be overridden.

Cognistix also allows control over who receives travel compensation, enforces commute policies, and effective dated mileage rates. Using actual road routes, mileage is computed automatically, and a travel time estimate is provided for comparison to the rep’s reported travel time.

Timekeeping Policy Enforcement

Cognistix provides extensive configuration options for system-wide or job-level policy enforcement with warning messages, alerts and data entry controls. Specifics include enforcement of timekeeping policies, prevention of overlapping time, meal break compliance and deviation justification.

Extensive Audit Trail

Cognistix keeps a detailed audit trail on many database tables, including anything related to compensation.

The audit trail can be viewed to see the entire edit history of the record from initial creation through deletion. If a manager makes a change that affects the compensation of an employee, the system will automatically prompt for justification.

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