What is Cognistix Vision?

Cognistix Vision is a new reporting interface that benefits from the Cognistix team’s decades of experience in Retail Merchandising and Experiential Marketing.  Many of the Vision reports are linked from a new Customer Dashboard that can be configured to display high-level metrics with drill-down access to more granular data regarding specific project, employee and store-related information.


Reporting for the Entire Enterprise

Cognistix Vision provides accurate information to both internal and external stakeholders.  For example, there are several C-Level Summary reports that show high-level data regarding project performance, employee productivity and customer-specific metrics.  Greater detail can be obtained with our Managerial Execution reports, including projected job execution (with pacing data), employee availability and specific answers to call report questions.  We also provide progress reports that you can allow your customers to run, including photo galleries, completion percentages and aggregated call report statistics that can show trends and gaps in your current performance.

Matrix Team Structure

Real-time answers to real-world problems

We give you the information that you need, when you need it, in a format that is the most useful for your needs.  Do you want to know which retail locations were not staffed this morning?  Our customer dashboard can show you this data in a variety of visual formats that can be sliced and diced by region, district, team, and other common filters.  Is one of your customers asking for detailed visit data?  Our Store Job Assignment (with detail) will organize this information based upon your needs and you can export this to a .xls or .csv file that can be automatically emailed to the appropriate contacts on a regular basis. 



Customized for your Environment

All of the Cognistix Vision reports can easily be configured and customized to fit within your operating environment.  We have chosen Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in order to leverage their world-class reporting capabilities.  You will have full access to this technology and will be able to create and modify reports at will.  SSRS is very well documented, and consulting resources are readily available in the open market.  Our implementation team can also help in this effort and our standard implementation involves a business needs analysis that will help guide the report creation process.

We also offer consulting services to help define, create and modify reports, including integration with external data sources for rich reporting on store data and sales trends.


Deployed Directly to your Customers

The Customer Reporting Portal is a one-stop shop for your customers to obtain real-time information regarding scheduling, progress and performance.  These reports can be accessed via an online portal, and they can also be configured to be emailed to specific stakeholders on a recurring basis.  We all operate in a competitive landscape, and Cognistix gives you the information you need to deliver added value to your customers so you can continue to secure their business.

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