SaaS or on-premise

Cognistix is a cloud-based service that can also be run onsite or in a hybrid configuration

Cognistix is a fully-online application, and most customers choose to access the service via our cloud deployment. Cognistix is hosted in a secure co-location with a fully redundant failover disaster recovery service running in a separate physical location. The service can connect to local servers to enable integration with external systems, and the entire service can be configured to run locally if desired.

Cognistix App

Open Accessibility

Cognistix is accessible via any standard Web browser as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Extensive Integration Experience

Our experience is what makes Cognistix a key value component of your IT infrastructure.

Understanding the complexities of the IT environment, Cognistix effectively extends our expertise in system integration to our clients, ensuring that this new resource is in line with your business objectives, no matter the size and nature of your organization.

Our team has completed many successful integrations between Cognistix and our clients’ other business systems, including Oracle, ADP, Microsoft-XRM, and Trade Dimensions (TDLinx), as well as those minor but can’t-live-without systems a company comes to rely on.

Cognistix’ DIY Import Service provides a standard tool which allows a company to develop import processes on their own – stores, schedules, documents, employee skills, etc.

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Cloud-based platform to automate workforce scheduling and execution, improve visibility of your field activities, and ensure compliance with labor laws.

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